Allow Me to Introduce Myself


Welcome to B * THE PLUG!  It’s FINALLY here! After working out all the kinks for the past year, day in and day out; I have “birthed my baby”!  (insert claps) … LOL.

I’m super hyped and excited about the launching of the blog.  I can go on for days gushing over it, but I won’t!  I’ll spare you. To get the spiel, I need you to hit the about link right above this post so you can read all about it. Now for the moment we have all been waiting for … fashion!

Let’s start this off with a bang! I’m from Jersey; Princeton to be exact. Downtown is one of my favorite go to spots where I can grab a quick bite to eat, drinks with friends or just casual shopping, and to top it off the backdrop to all of this amazingness is provided by the prestigious Princeton University.

On this day in particular, I was doing my usual “thing” when I noticed all the college kids going back to school. An ode to all the scholars, I thought I’ll relive my college days and hang out on campus.













Top: Forever 21

Denim : Banana Republic

Sneakers: Adidas Stan Smiths

Love and Light




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