B* Travels : Hawaii Edition


If you follow my Instagram or Snapchat, then you know I jetsetted to the West Coast for some much needed R&R, now I’m back and feeling better than ever. I had the most amazing time in Hawaii. Of course I have to PLUG you guys to the “must go’s” and “have to see” of Honolulu.

Where I slept: I stayed at two Marriott resorts; one in the heart of the city of Waikiki and the second one being the ever so picturesque Ko Olina. Both resorts were absolutely beautiful, but I LOVED Ko Olina! It was so lush and green, with pretty beaches that spanned far beyond what my eyes could see. A pool area which featured a grotto with a huge slide that would put Hugh Hefner’s to shame.  Everything about our suite was A-1; from our granite counter tops, stainless steel kitchen appliances, to the convenient laundry room. Ko Olina is literally the perfect place to stay in Hawaii.


(Ko Olina)



What I ate: In all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect of the food in Hawaii. In my mind, I thought I would eat Acai bowls all day and drink a fresh coconut which would be permanently attached to my hand (which I did). However; the food was AMAZING! I ate everything … literally! Hawaiian “donuts”, to the freshest sushi I ever had, to the tastiest tacos, and yummy cocktails. I’m sure you get the point; ALL the food in Hawaii was so good!





What I did: When I wasn’t lounging around by the pool or tanning on the beach, I saw some of Hawaii’s famous tourist attractions. If you go to Hawaii, it is a must that you visit the historic grounds at Pearl Harbor. It was so surreal to stand on such sacred ground. Fun Fact: Oil from the explosion at Pearl Harbor still seeps out into the ocean to this day.

I also attempted to hike Diamond Head … wait who am I fooling, I had a mini photo shoot. However, if your feeling adventurous you should definitely hike it and let me know how it goes. LOL!  I love music, especially live music… so if your like me, then the Blue Note Hawaii is right up your alley. I saw the group KING; those three ladies are super- talented. If you don’t know who they are please go to YouTube and take a listen. Blue Note is also in New York City so go check it out!


(Dole Plantation)




( KING) 


(Diamond Head)


Hawaii was AMAZING and super relaxing! If you ever have the chance to go… go!

Thank you for reading!img_1614

P.S. I’m super excited about my next posts, which will be a two-part beauty series! Woo- hoo!

Till next time..

Love and Light






Location : Honolulu, Hawaii

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