B* Beautiful: Flawless Skin from the Inside Out (Part Two)

Woman Getting Facial Treatment --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Hello Beauties —

I’m back with Part Two of our Beauty Series  – “How to Achieve Flawless Skin from the Inside Out.” Last week, I talked about how important it is that we take care the inside of our bodies to achieve flawless skin on the outside. This week, I’m going to show you all the fabulous products I use; from masks, to face creams, to exfoliators … you name it, I got you covered. So let’s jump right into it!

DISCLAIMER: This is my daily skin care routine; which means I PERSONALLY use these products that’s mentioned.

Face Cleanser


I will Forever and Always LOVE Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser! My skin always feel super clean without feeling stripped. What do I mean? You ever use a face wash and right after you rinse it off your face is super tight and dry? Yea, I don’t know about you, but I hate that feeling. Cetaphil Skin Cleanser is amazing and a bonus tip is that it’s dermatologist approved!



In my opinion, this is THEE most important step to my regimen! If I don’t remove the dead skin and all the gunk that has built up in my face over time, my skin starts to look cray cray. This step is key and ensures me that I will get the maximum results from my other products. NOTE: I use both of these exfoliators interchangeably… depends on what my skin needs that day.



This is a staple product for me! I use this mask daily; it gives me an immediate glow. If I have extra time, I will make my own version of this mask; using activated charcoal tablets and aztec bentonite clay mixing both of those powders together with ACV (apple cider vinegar).  I love activated charcoal and there are so many uses for it, I even drink it, but that’s for another post.  If you would like for me to show you how I use activated charcoal, comment below or like this post.



I live for this toner; it’s so gentle and moisturizing! This toner is infused with cucumber, licorice, chamomile, and aloe leaf, basically all the bomb essential oils… so you know it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and supple.

Eye Cream


I cannot express how much I LOVE eye cream and how important it is for EVERYONE to use it. I put eye cream on day and night. Pictured above are my two absolute favorites.



Moisturizing is key to having flawless skin. I have really sensitive and oily skin, so I tend to get a moisturizer that’s not so thick, but still very hydrating.

Rose Water 


I live for this rosewater spray; it gives me an immediate glow and makes me feel super refreshed. This spray has several uses; I use it after I apply moisturizer, to set my make up, and I spritz it throughout the day when my face feels dry and lackluster.

Spot Treatment 


When I see a breakout appearing, I immediately reach for these two life saviors! I use a q- tip to apply both products to the problem area and let it penetrate and treat overnight. When morning comes, the area in question is drastically reduced.

Bonus Tips

  • Facials
  • Steaming Sessions
  • Exfoliator Brush (i.e., Clarisonic or Foreo)
  • Acne Medicine Dermatologist Prescribed
  • D.I.Y Masks (comment below or like this post if you want me to feature some of my favorites)
  • Disinfect Cell Phone

I hope you enjoyed this two-part Beauty Series. If you try any of these products or think these tips were helpful, drop me a line in the comment section.

Love and Light


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