B* Glow : The Year of the Glow Up


Year 2016! What can I say… this year has been quite a ride. As I sit here and type this, I’m super emotional and almost at a lost for words to explain how this year impacted me. I had some ups and downs, some happy moments  – some sad, but I wouldn’t change any of it because I GREW! I have been in some extremely uncomfortable places and managed to come out on the other side — I have learned from each lesson.

God – I know from who and where my BLESSINGS come from!

Blog –  I produced a dream that has finally manifested itself … which has taken years.  I went from being in fear of having two failed blogs to launching B* THE PLUG in Hawaii, while laying on a beach sipping wine from a plastic cup. To say the feeling was amazing is an understatement. This blog is my inside thoughts seen on the outside and this by far is the best decision I’ve ever made. *I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit.*

Relationships – I very slowly distanced myself from situations and people that no longer serves me. Cutting soul ties with people I saw forever with, seemed nearly impossible, but with a ton of prayers and tears I now breathe a sigh of freedom.

Death – Losing several family members made me realize how precious and limited life really is. I now appreciate the land of the living, I forgive freely and often, but most importantly, I enjoy and live MY life to the fullest!

Comfort Zone –  I constantly reminded myself that things wouldn’t change until I changed. I got tired of repeating life lessons’ over and over again, so instead of fighting against change I went with it. Word to the wise: learn the lesson, so you don’t have to repeat it over again.

Travels –  I stepped out of my “Jersey bubble” and travelled the globe to London, Hawaii, and New Orleans to be exact. While exploring these places, I couldn’t help but notice and experience the beauty of the world and other cultures.

Growth – I spent all of 2016 listening to podcasts, looking at Ted Talks, and reading books by Jojo Moyes, Shonda Rhimes, and Jen Sincero.  I also journaled heavily! I like to document my thoughts so I can revisit them to see my growth. Word to the wise: When you learn more you earn more. Forever a student of life.

Everything I went through this year helped shape me into the woman I am today and the growth I see in the woman I want to be. Cheers to being Queens and kicking 2017 ass glow fully! Let’s get this Black Girl Magic going!

I’m walking into 2017 sprinkling  gold glitter everywhere, getting shit down, and reaping the harvest ” I sowed” in 2016. I’m coming for everything I want, asked for and deserve!

With that being said, I’m going to shine bright like a diamond and have a seat at the damn table with a glass of lemonade being Bad and Boujee. See what I just did there… LOL. Did ya’ll catch that!

Happy New Year  — Beautiful People!

Love and Light,



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