B* Lifestyle: Self Care… Self Love

Happy Valentine’s Day Beautiful Ones!fullsizerender

I seriously love the month of February, especially Valentine’s Day! Now before say you it… I know this is considered a “commercial holiday” that wants you to run out to your nearest store and buy tons of flowers and candy just for one day, but the wiser I get I realize for ME that’s not what its all about. I love this holiday for the simple fact, I love, love and most importantly I love myself! I don’t need just one day or one month to celebrate myself — I do that all year around. I wanted to let you know how important self-care and self-love really is. It’s so beautiful and amazing when we as women truly love and understand ourselves. When you have self-care and self-love, you operate at a higher positive frequency that allows your life to be blessed. Not only will your life be blessed, but when you operate on a “full tank” and you continuously fill yourself up eventually you will overflow, and guess where that overflow is going? It’s gonna go to the people around you. So not only will you be blessed, but everyone your connected to will be as well. Self-care and Self-love is something special, so whether your single or in a relationship … please know that you come first. You’re the number one priority! If your not good to yourself … you cannot be good to anyone else. Enjoy your day beloveds and Happy, Happy, Happy  Valentine’s Day — You Slay!






Shoes: Cole Haan

Watch: Apple

Jacket: GAP

Love and Light,


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