B* Lifestyle: Where have you been B?

Hi Beautiful people!

I know it’s been quite some time since my last post. Actually, a month if we want to be specific. You’re probably wondering where is she? Well, I’m here to tell you where I’ve been. So, I went on vacation to Miami- that’s for another post and another time which I will give you all the tea on very soon. However, after my amazing weekend getaway I got into a little rut. I came home and I thought I was ready to hit the ground running, but instead I hit a brick wall. I have so many grand ideas and I found myself extremely overwhelmed. As a creative, I constantly have what feels like hundreds and even thousands of “unicorn ideas and visions”going through my head at once. With all these thoughts and ideas I constantly second guess myself.  Is that good, how can I make this happen, how will it be received? –  and that’s just the beginning. When I start to doubt myself, it snowballs and can really get out of hand. Consequently, making me just SHUT DOWN!… hence the unexpected and sudden hiatus. Knowing this about myself and I try really hard to stay in “inspiration mode” so I’m able to produce and create quality work. I would say I apologize for being gone, but that would be unfair to me, so instead I say thanks for your understanding. I’m back, I’m inspired, and literally busting at the seams with all my “unicorn ideas”- God willing I will share with you soon.  I’m human and without a shadow of a doubt I know I was born to create! Every now and again, shit happens. So, let’s do this together. Let’s grow, let’s be awesome, let us vibe together!

BTW, I LOVE this song , it just seems so fitting – Right?!!!

Love and Light,


One thought on “B* Lifestyle: Where have you been B?

  1. I’m glad you found your way back. You know when you put God first and stay in prayer God Will provide you with tremendous favors.
    Luv u auntie


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