B* THE PLUG Collaboration!!!!

Hello Beautiful People!

Soooo remember I told you in the earlier post that I had HUGE NEWS and that I was super excited and all that jazz…. Remember?

Well, you see that picture above, it looks like it’s cropped out of a website. Well it is!!! Ya girl is collaborating with the lovely ladies of views from the chixx for a monthly music mashup. On their music platform I will be sharing all the fly artists I’m into and listening to plus creating a dope playlist for you to move and groove to. With that being said, here on B* THE PLUG; I will also feature the article,playlist here, in addition to serving you a side of fashion! So get ready for some of my favorite tunes and inspired looks. To check out my first feature, I will post it below. I hope you love it and enjoy these artists… I really had a blast compiling this list.


Till Next Time!

Love and Light,





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