Hiatus… Welcome Back B* The Plug

Beautiful People,

Hi… Hello…Is anyone out there?

It always feels good to come home. I missed this place. My safe place. I’ll address the elephant in the room. I’ve been gone, for a while.

Its been quite sometime, hasn’t it? In blogger world- I completely abandoned, jumped ship, exiled, B*THE PLUG. I can sit here and bore you with a ton of excuses as to my absence or I can keep it moving and act like my absence never happened– I chose the latter. Now, don’t get me wrong, we can talk about this if you like but truth be told there is really no reason; I just needed some time away. Shit became overwhelming and I mentally needed a break.

I missed this. I missed uploading and expressing myself. I missed our interaction. I missed the bliss, I would get when I write a really bomb ass post. I simply missed this. I haven’t creatively published anything for the public’s consumption in quite sometime. If you follow me on Instagram, you know my posts are far few in between, but my Instastories… now those are epic.

I’ll quickly update you on my life. I’ve lived and not merely existing. I’ve been on a journey of finding myself (sounds so cliché’… LOL). I’ve put myself in uncomfortable situations because being comfortable and safe is super wack and I’m ready to just go all the way in! I’ve been maintaining- sorting this thing called life out.

However, I do have some …HUGE NEWS that I’ll be sharing in my next post! Get excited, be excited, because I’m elated!

Even with my hiatus this little piece of heaven has been good to me. This space allowed me to be me, so I wanna say thank you for hanging in there with me, supporting me, and allowing me to express myself.

She Back and She Ready!!!!!!

Till Next Time,

Love and Light


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