B* The Plug Collaboration: Move and Groove


Hey Beautiful People,

Welcome Back! I’m on cloud 9 and the picture above captures that exact feeling! If you have no idea why I’m SO happy then before you read on, click the back button and go see my previous post… it will explain everything!

Now for all my lovelies that read my last post, what are your thoughts? Did we love? Did you hear the playlist? I mean… in my very humble opinion, I killed it! LOL!  I’m geeked to share with you my second collaboration with Views from the chixx, and below I even added my YouTube playlist of all the artists mentioned plus some extras.  Let’s get into the feature below(link included to views from the chixx website)!


The previous post I gave you some set the mood-low key vibes. This month we’re turnin all the way up, well in the words of Ciara- we’re leveling up. I’m ready to Move and Groove, what about you?! Let’s Dance Shall We! (*insert Harlem Shake*).

Kaytranada-  Who doesn’t know this genius?!The electronic music master; who gave us the littiest (Yes, I know this is not a word) remix of Teedra Moses’ classic single “Be Your Girl”. This song goes OFF! This man introduced me to my love of electronic dance music… do yourself a favor and get into him! Jesse Glynne-  This soulful red-head hails from the UK. You’ve probably heard her belt out her break out single, “Rather Be” that was featured in Cocoa- Cola’s 2015 commercial. If not, press the play button on the playlist below and get ya groove on! Prince Kaybee-  Lace up your dancing shoes- The South African superstar DJ will take any party up a notch with his poppin beats.Shaun Escoffery- I absolutley love his sound; he has a very soulful, electronic vibe going on. His song “Days Like This”, plays on repeat when I’m running my Saturday errands.To round out my favorites; I have the amazing Disclosure duo. These two gents gave us the Sam Smith hit record “Latch”. Don’t you just love that song??!!!

It’s just soooo many, I literally can go on and on about my music favorites! Trust and believe I don’t want to bore you, but I really want you to take a listen to some of my favorite artist. I’ll include my “honorable mentions” and add a song or two in the playlist below. MNEK, Black Coffee, Sango, Liquideep, and DKVPZ are some more of my favs that I’m currently jamming to. Jam out to the playlist below, tell me what you think.

Til’ Next Time!

Love and Light,





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