Manifest, Manifest, Manifest!

Hello Beautiful People!

I’m SO EXCITED! Today is B*THE PLUG 2nd Birthday!!! Woo Hoo, Happy happy happy birthday to my passion project! When I decided to start a blog- I was super nervous. I couldn’t believe I was taking a risk by sharing my thoughts with the world. Looking back it was the best decision I ever made, and you guys have truly made my dreams a reality.  So a huge THANK YOU for rocking with ya girl, from reading, re-posting, and even hanging in there with me when I went ghost. I can’t THANK YOU enough! B*THE PLUG is coming with some flames so stay tuned- onward and upward!

With that being said, I want to let y’all in on a HUGE SECRET of mine…. What secret am I talking about, you ask?!!!


Manifesting is something I’m really big on- I mean hello…. B*THE PLUG is the result of manifesting and prayers.

You can live the life you want, the life you envision- to the smallest thoughts, to your grandest thoughts- just manifest! Write it down, submit it to the universe, and go about life as if you already have it- because you do!  As the first part of the year winds down; I always take a few moments to assess and be grateful for all the thoughts and visions that have come to fruition. Not only do I reflect, but I add to my list, so below are a few prayers I’m manifesting into the universe that will come to fruition for my blog. (Have faith that it will happen)

Manifestation List 

Re- branding B*The Plug

Posting more videos and fashion content

One on one interviews


Love and Light,


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