Little baby is on a PODCAST!!!



My heart is so full! GRATITUDE is my ATTITUDE! When I tell you, my heart is full, my heart is full. My excitement is on 10 and I’ll tell you why.

  1. I listen to podcasts all the time when I’m driving, cooking, and cleaning- you name it and I’m listening to a podcast. So, to be able to hear myself on a podcast while I’m doing all the things above is mind boggling and extremely humbling! Like, your girl is on Apple podcast, like an App that’s on everyone’s phone!
  2. Timing is EVERYTHING! Believe it or not, I have always been very shy about sharing my creativity; my writing to be specific. The mere thought of putting my hard work, my thoughts on social media and to have someone not like it, was and is frightening. I would just post here on my platform and sometimes promote and other times I wouldn’t because I was so scared of the negative feedback. However this year I very slowly but surely crawled out of my shell and started to share more of my work on other social platforms. I realized “I’m not for EVERYBODY but SOMEBODY is going to feel me”.
  3. I’m stretching my creativity! I’m doing things I never thought of doing!
  4. Asking for what want! Once again I’m a shy person and I tend to wait for things “to happen for me”, but as of lately I started asking. To my surprise I’ve been manifesting the very things I’ve asked for plus more.
  5. Keep Pushing! I literally have to constantly remind myself to keep going, keep pushing, and never give up on my dreams and goals. Were all human and I’m sure I’m not the only person that wants to settle and be mediocre at times because the going gets tough. However, I like to remind myself that my God given vision and dreams WILL manifest with hard work, dedication, and prayer.

Now that you’ve finished reading why I’m happily overwhelmed, head on over to Views from the chixx podcast and catch ya girl on episode 44, spilling all the tea.


Til Next Time,

Love and Light


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