Award Season is Among Us: Golden Globe Edition

Happy New Year Beautiful People!!!!!!!

I’m currently writing this post ten days into 2019. How’s everyone doing? How was your NYE? What did you do? Do you mind, if we chat a little bit? Okay here we go, I’ll go first. I spent NYE in New York City, Brooklyn to be exact with a group of super close friends. I had a really good time; even though I had a crazy hunger headache that turned into a tension headache. I felt horrible, but I really enjoyed being in the presence of a few best friends.

Shall we talk resolutions? This year, I actually don’t have one per se’.  My entire attitude for 2019 is very simple… ACT UP/ LEVEL UP Bri! Ya girl is coming out the gates swinging, I’m fearless and I’m pretty sure the reason behind that is the fact that I turn 30 this year. However that’s another time and post, LOL. I’m so excited for what 2019 holds, I just know its going to be an epic year on all fronts. Cheers to knocking 2019 out of the park!

Now that we got that out the way… AWARD SEASON is upon us! I love and live for award season; all the beautiful dresses, flawless makeup, super cute hair styles, and riveting acceptance speeches! I live, I live you hear me! First up, was the Golden Globes that took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunday.  The award show itself had its moments of being super awesome, but moments of total boredom – snooze fest.  However, the red carpet did not disappoint as well as the acceptance speeches. This year, the color was a beautiful dark green and eggplant. All of your favorite celebrities wore those colors from Ryan Seacrest to Taraji P Henson and they all looked smashing. I also lived for the big exaggerated and tulle dresses, which were worn by the likes of Lady Gaga and Kiki Layne. The icing on the cake was the acceptance speech of actress Glenn Close, who reminded us women that we must LIVE OUR LIVES! I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house after her speech, it was so heartfelt and moving. Overall, the Golden Globes were good. However, I do wish for the upcoming award shows that we actually give Black Panther the recognition it rightfully deserves. That movie smashed the box office, broke records, and was the #1 movie of 2018; I need to see some accolades and recognition for that. Below are my absolute favorite looks of the night and the awesome acceptance speeches.

Til Next Time

Love and Light,


Regina King 

Taraji P. Henson

Halle Berry

KiKi Layne

Lady Gaga

Ryan Seacrest

Idris Elba 


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